Lancs County Council Mobile Library Additional Service for Hoghton

16th of January, 2024

Hoghton Parish Councillor Julie Caton has spoken with Jules from the Mobile Library Service and he has confirmed the following additional service for the benefit of Hoghton residents -


  1. He will be present in Hoghton Village Hall car park on Friday 26 January between 12.15pm - 1.15pm and thereafter every third week.  
  2. Anyone can attend this mobile service and if you are not a member of the library at the moment, membership can be organised on the day.
  3. Books can be borrowed on the day or can be ordered free of charge for the next visit.  
  4. Other facilities include eBooks and audiobooks, as well as Press Reader which offers national, provincial and global newspapers.
  5. All facilities will be fully explained at the first visit.

Please use this additional service.