Speed Indicator Device for Hoghton Lane and Blackburn Old Road

16th of January, 2024

Hoghton Parish Council have purchased a Speed Indicator Device (SpID) that we intend tomerect onto a new pole close to the Hoghton / Chorley road sign on Hoghton Lane.  This will be on the side facing traffic moving from Preston towards Blackburn.

We will also have two further mounting poles erected, these will be on either side of Blackburn Old Road before you reach The Boars Head.  It is our intention to move the SpID around every few months.

The SpID indicates individual traffic speed and a record of speeds may be downloaded via Bluetooth to be used as evidence if we need to argue for further speed calming measures.  The SpID does not record number plates.  If the SpID is successful in reducing traffic speed then the Parish Council may consider the purchase of further SpIDs for our Parish.