Environmental issues and concerns

2nd of March, 2023


A Member of the Parish Council agreed to organise the Annual Clean Up of Hoghton Bottoms in April 2023. Further details would be published by the Parish Council nearer the time.


Himalayan Balsam has been reported on the Brindle/Hoghton boundary near the bridge at Brook House Farm. The County Council, Chorley Council and the Rivers Trust have been asked to remove it.


The Parish Council considered the recent Government decision to allow fracking. In the past this had been objected to. The CPRE view was that Fracking would not do anything to bring down energy bills. But it would have a devastating impact on the climate and toxic effects on rural communities. Despite this, the government had decided to disregard the evidence and lift the ban on fracking - an act that threatens to industrialise the countryside. They were currently working on a campaign action to end fracking once and for all, The Parish Council reiterated its objection to Fracking and agreed to support the CPRE Campaign.